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National Assembly rejects the IACHR ruling

During the discussion, the Parliament, Hector Navarro, emphasized that the oficialist deputies reject "strongly" the content of the decision of the CorteIDH. While the opposition lawmaker, Juan Carlos Caldera, said Government urged to withdraw from the OAS because "no respect" their decisions.

"The National Assembly of Venezuela rejects the ruling of the Commission that violates the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Venezuela."

He reiterated that the Constitution is the supreme law and the legal basis, "so everyone must obey it."

He stressed that Parliament notes with astonishment and concern the decision of the Commission, "by which the Venezuelan state is doomed by the imposition of administrative sanctions" LeopoldoLopez, issued by the Comptroller General.

He said, the court ruling ordered that the Venezuelan government through the bodies and the National Electoral Council must ensure that sanctions are not an impediment for the defendant to run for elections ..
More over, the deputy of the opposition, Juan Carlos Caldera urged the national government to with draw from the Organization of American States (OAS) because they do not "respect" the decisions of this international body.

"The debate here is that the Republic of Venezuela, in November 69 signed the American Convention on Human Rights, but on 11September 2001, President (...) signed the Inter-American Democratic Charter  to ratify  the American Convention Human Rights, then to sign something if they want respect. "

He emphasized that the Venezuelan government was and is defended before the Commission "but if it serves to go there (...) take then lean far Bolivarian sovereignty of the OAS."

He also argued that the political disqualifications is a way of trying to take gaming to people who have high support.

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