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Germán Saltrón: CorteIDH is covered corruption in the Americas

Germán Saltrón  agent of the State for Human Rights, Tuesday stressed  the Interamerican Court of Human rights, “is covered corruption in the Americas”

During a forum held on Tuesday about the resolutión de la ICDH in the case from the right activist  Leopoldo López, say the internacional
organism attempts to discredit the national goverment to rule in favor of Lopez in connection with its administrative disqualification. "The idea (to issue a ruling in favor of Lopez) is to discredit the government of President (Hugo) Chavez.
The international campaing to discredit continue and that looking in the Lepoldo López case, Saltron Said.

Explains that Venezuela will remain a member of the Commission to preserve their right to defense to reports that are processed in this organism, because to get out, lose this ability even if the court wouldprosecute any complaint received against the state.

He said that the administrative disqualification passed theComptroller General of the Republic in 2006 againts Leopoldo López by engage in embezzlement of public property during his tenure as mayor of Chacao Municipality, Miranda State does not infringe their political rights, as it maintains its authority to vote in any election in the country.

Years ago, before becoming mayor of Chacao, in 1998Lopez worked as an analyst of the national environment of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). At that time received a donation of 60 million bolivars of the oil in favor of the Primero Justicia political party, of whose board hewas a part.

The money was given by his mother, Antonieta Mendoza deLopez, by then manager of public affairs for the state oil company.

For this irregularity, Lopez received an administrative penalty of three years, during which he could be elected or appointed public office.

Caracas, 20 Sep. AVN .-

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