martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

Venezuela will present proposed overhaul of the UN GeneralAssembly

Venezuela will raise the re-founding of the United Nations (UN) that is consistent with the times and a multipolar world in the General Assembly of the multilateral organization, which meets this week in New York.
This was confirmed by the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro who said that "there must be more democracy within the UnitedNations."
Maduro gave statements to a group of journalists after meeting with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki, EFE a law review.
The owner of the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairsrepresents the country at the UN, that under President Hugo Chavez could not attend the session because receives cancer treatment inCuba.
Venezuelan Foreign Minister said that in his speech on Friday insist that the UN "must recognize the right of the people and work for peace. It is not to endorse the war, "referring to the resolution adopted by that body on Libya.
You have to demand an end to the bombing of the Libyan people are not justified " reiterating that the air strikes the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in North African country that aim only stripped of its oil wealth.
Maduro also was the emissary of a letter addressed to President Chavez UN secretary general, Ban Ki Moon, in which the national president expresses support and solidarity with the Palestinian demand for entry into the United Nations as a state of right.
In the letter, Chávez also denounced the United States openlysabotaged in “what will be majority resolution of the General Assemblyrecognition of Palestine " like full membership of the multilateral body.
The Head of State reiterated that the UN model is exhausted and the fact that it has postponed the debate on the Palestinian issueand that he is sabotaging openly is another confirmation of that. "
The venezuelan president  together with the nations of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America confirmed in its rejection letter "so just to aspiration (palestinian) can be blocked by this route. "
 “The empire, in this and other cases, pretend to impose a double standard on the world stage: is the double yanqui moralty violating international law in Libya, but allows Israel to do what he wants becoming the main accomplice of genocide of Palestinians byZionist barbarism " Chavez said in communication.
11:33 20/09/2011

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