sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011

The President Chávez: "The corteIDH is zero at the left (useless) (good-for-nothing) (no body)"

 The Venezuelan president pronounced ​​by the corteIDH decisión, based on the posible Leopoldo Lopez  disqualification.

Hugo Chavez indicated that the Interamerican Court of Human Rights are worthless by the decision in favor of the previously disqualified Leopoldo Lopez

My haircut have more worth, that poor cut assure. stressed the importance of strengthening the institucion of Unasur and create your own humand right court. Pointed of corte IDH represent the past institucions: thyt is the same court that non pronounced against coup d'etat of april 11(…)the response was call Carmona

However welcomed to decisión about Leopoldo Lopez case

Samuel Morales Escuela | ÚN .-

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